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I recently found out that my dear friend, Betty, was living at The Greens. My initial emotion was extreme sadness for the Betty I knew for 45 years was fiercely independent and would be beyond depressed if she realized her circumstance.

And so, I came to Cleveland to see for myself. Nursing homes, in my experience, were not ideal. But what I found from the minute I walked through the door, was a staff who is compassionate, friendly and kind to all. I watched a woman serve lunch in a room, complete with a hug and a small kiss (the worker didn't notice me).

As I spent time with Betty, I realized she is where she belongs. I am no longer upset about her needing to live there. And so, I just wanted to take the time to say "thank you!" to all the staff for being so kind, affectionate and smiley-faced, while doing a most difficult job. You all deserve a raise!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Laura Freeman Patient Family Member - The Greens

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