Care Specialties

Short Term Care

We offer short term care to help our residents with their recovery. Each day we work hard to help you have the best recovery experience possible.

Long Term Care

We designed our long term care center to help each patient attain the best possible results, with energetic staff working hard to provide the best comfort.

Rehab & Therapy

Set goals and commit to gaining the highest level of mobility, independence, and self-care with daily tasks possible based on your medical needs.

Therapy & Rehabilitation

  • Physical Therapy

    Reclaim physical abilities such as strength and balance. Physical therapy also helps to benefit healthy living. Therapy can help improve living conditions for residents with arthritis, osteoporosis and other conditions.

  • Speech Therapy

    Speech therapists provide specialized treatments to help with various health issues, such as trouble swallowing, eating or communicating. Our therapists use physical and memory enhancing exercises as needed.

  • Occupational Therapy

    Residents can achieve improved independence with daily living tasks, even after a health issue, by attending occupational therapy. Work on grooming habits, eating, drinking and more, based on the resident’s needs.


We Can Create a Better World

Our Core Values here at The Greens help us work toward creating a better world each day.
Learn more about how our values shape every aspect of care for our residents.

Let us provide the care for your loved one.