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Regain Your Independence

Major, life-altering events, such as surgery, trauma, accidents, broken bones, stroke, and other issues with health often require rehabilitation before heading home, or ongoing rehabilitation while at home. This need for therapy can be both short term or long term, and can be achieved both in-patient and out-patient.

At The Greens we focus on energizing and invigorating our rehab clients with therapy designed to achieve the highest possible reclaimed movement and functionality. We want to help our residents and clients establish a higher quality of life and better functionality than they every thought possible.

We are pleased to offer physical, speech, and occupational therapy. Our staff of professionals will help engage you or your loved one, allowing you to recapture health and energy in a warm and inviting environment.

Our focus is on designing a great setting for recovery along with better care.


We want you to go back home as soon as possible while also functioning at a higher level.

Therapy at The Greens Care and Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can help with many health concerns, including bone, joint, neuromuscular, and cognitive issues. Therapists evaluate carefully to create an effective recovery program.

Speech Therapy

Our licensed speech therapists work with residents on improving swallowing ability, communication, and other speech or eating issues that may arise after an accident or health issue.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists help each resident attain a better level of independence in daily living skills. Each client works with the therapist to meet or beat individual goals.

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